Sunday, January 28, 2007

The long waited Battle

Finally…the wait is over. It’s been more than 3 months since I enjoyed a good home cooking mansaf. Today, I announce that I am a happy man. Finally…my wife and mom decided to please me by making me the happiest man alive.

Three months since I sat down face to face with mansaf. Day after day…I hinted and gave signals, but no one was paying attention. But the wait is over, and I stood face to face starring at the mansaf loaded with sweet looking lamb, and pine and almond nuts giving this master piece the greatest work of art.

Face to was a war in which a sole survivor has to emerge. This house was too big for both of us, and one had to go. It was a war of survival, and I fought it well. Slowely, one by one started withdrawing from the battle field. Mom, then wife, and finally my dad withdrew from the field. Suddenly, I saw myself alone with almost half of the big sweet mansaf tray still intact. But it has to go, or else, I will lose the fight. I kept fighting, and taking casualties as I felt my stomach was begging me to stop.

The heat of the battle was burning up. Two big chunks of meat are still trying to fight my trained forces of WFD (weapons of food destruction). With one blow, the first of the remaining meat chunks was annihilated. Then my forward forces isolated and siege the last enemy combatant hiding behind a small hill of rice. My forced advanced and took heavy casualties again, and captured the last enemy combatant. Take no prisoners was the goal of this battle. Dad, Mom, and wife were shocked watching the battle from a distance fearing for their own safety. They called for a cease fire and pledged to the UN community to interfere. But this was the long waited war and the last thing I needed is UN observers. So I finished the the last drop of rice and emerged the sole winner of this fierce battle.

Finally…I’m a happy man. I call on all men to withstand their grounds and fight their own battles with a mighty force. Don’t give up your fight. I urge you not to. Long live the revolution and God helps us all.


kinzi said...

Cute story! How long did the recovery take? :)

salam said...

so Amjad did you quit smoking or not yet?

el tapatio said...

that's it. I am making Mansaf next friday.

Aladdin said...


I salute you for the job well done, you deserve a medal my friend, I dont care what others say you are a hero.

One last thing, as a Jordanian man my self, I promise all my fellow Mansad lovers that I will never be defeated in such a battle.

Alna9or lana inshallah !!

MOA_No1 said...

Sa7teen, it is really a fight going through mansaf. bas 3eeb e7na zlamha.

akel erjal 3a gad f3alha.

Hippo said...

You should have had argeelah, right after.


Bo3Bo3 said...

lool 2 days after and I'm still recovering. The sad part is that I'm traveling on business and that means feeding frenzy

LOOOOOL well howdy there smoking nazi :). Not yet but I promise very soon.

Go for can never go wrong dude

True man...there shall be nothing to hold a man off his mansaf

Dude. There will be more battles to come :)

I wish I can smoke in the house. My wife would make "Babbit" looks like an innocent woman if I did.

Rambling Hal said...

I don't understand WHY I never came across your blog until today! I laughed so much that my cheeks are beginning to hurt. Kinda like how they must feel if they engaged in a mansaf battle like the one you just won.

My agenda at work today is to read all your archives! HILARIOUS!