Saturday, October 21, 2006

Need your opinion about writing

I discovered that I love writing. I never published anything before, except participating to write a chapter in a polymeric handbook. But recently, I discovered that I have a deep feeling inside, an ambition to write. I hate to turn off any dream or ambition in me, or to feel faliure early in the process. Some of you did read what I wrote. I have few poems published here, as well as a narrative story of an immigrant. I feel and believe that if i pur my head in it, i can make it happen, specially the immigrant story. However, I have problems in english. I lack the right english language and sentence structure. But if i went back, and filled in the blanks in the immigrant story, I feel that it may worth a shot of being published. I only posted less than half of what I intend to write, and i can fill in so much more of historic events that can be included in the story.

my fears are in the command of the english language..and this sems to be a very weak aspect in me. But i have a dream, and we all dream. When i was growing up, I loved guitar, so i bought a guitar to express my love and to try and excericize a dream. However, the guita is still in it's box, even after 14 years. Every time I look at it, it reminds me with a dream that never came true because of my lack of persistance. I hate to do it again. I don't know..maybe after I'm done with the immigrant story, it opens a small window of hope in some day writing something that is not chemical related.

So I want ur honest opinion, and i will accept any criticism or judgment. Do you think I have a shot? Should I pursue it, or forget about it and focus on my career?


Anonymous said...

Man don't worry about ur English, if u really believe in your skills then go ahead and do it, also don't forget that if u have a good material for publishing u'll find dozens and dozens of editors to enhance your story. So I totally tolerate your move and if I can help with anything don't hesitate I'll be there for u, and plus I'll add a new book to my library hopefully signed by you.

Anonymous said...

You can always write in Arabic. It only makes sense given that it's your first language.

Iman said...

Hey Amjad! :D

sign up for my composition 101'll have to wait till next semester though!

seriously, if you need an editor, contact me and we can discuss the details!

el tapatio said...

firstly, i almost shed a tear reading your last few posts (chapters). thank you very much for awaking my sense of belnoging.

secondly, your writing is great in capturing details and engaging the audience.

thirdly, in terms of material, you will be amazed of how much will find its way to your writing pad as you go along. materials will drag in more material. As your plot goes on details will come up.

finally, i strongly recommend reading "the kite runner". i guarantee that you won't stop reading it until you finish it.

keep up the good work.

Amin Matalqa said...

Do it. I think that's great. Write a book. An immigrant's story. It's not like you have to quit your job to do it. I think that would be great. You've found your passion.

eyad said...

if you feel the urge to write, then do it, you have to find that inside you, don't ask others, what will happen if you wrote something and people didn't like it? nothing, but if u really find the passion to write do it.

Summer said... can always have a professional edit your writing...anyone can write a book and get it published with a good publishing house and a good might cost you a bit out of your pocket!! i suggest that you write it in Arabic if it is a stronger language for you and you know how to express your thoughts and feeling better using it ,even with our daily spoken dialect ..or english with a good editor, it can be published!! yalla, when is the next part coming?

Bo3Bo3 said...

LoooL ok..i know whats going on. First, thank you all for the comments, i appreciate it. Now, when i wrote those pieces, words just came out from the heart straight to the keyboard, bypassing the mind. I know that they are probably meant for telling a story or something. But they have to go through editing first.

I'll keep posting the pieces, and in the same time, I'll go back and edit, re-allign pieces, and finaly write it as a time sequence instead of jumping back and forth from past to the present.

I'll go for it, but first, I need to do my homework, and compile the story the way I'd like it to be compiled, then, we'll test the water.

you never know, you may get a call from me sometime next year

thaks for the support man.

El tapatio
Thanks for the advice, and will look up the book, thanks

Thanks man, appreciate ur advice, cause I know that u found ur passion sometime ago, and see ur work always

Thanks man...appreciate it buddy

I'm thinking about, seriously, thanks for reading and pursuading me to keep writing.

Summer said...

You are most welcome..if i did not like your story, i would not have said what i said. also, it is good material and i know it came out from the heart and straight to your blog, with no editig, but i always knew what you meant. waiting for more!

Hareega said...

Dude, write. Your stroy is something that dozens of millions of Americans went through and it's something many Americans like to write, besides Arabs as well.
As I told you make sure you can think og who your audience are, for example in the part that you mentioned that your father was hsooting in the air when he heard that you got a degree, I as a Jordanian could relate to that part easily because I know we shoot in the air of joy for any reason including the cicumcision of newborns, however for someone from a different culture they wouldn't really undertsand what the hell that was.

But proceed with it.

Summer said...

Amjad, Happy Eid to you and your family! Enjoy!

Honest Hater said...

You suck.
Forget about it.
You were right. you have a shallow command of the language and an average approach in story telling.

This crap is not going anywhere.
I highly doubt that you have ever read a book (to make you realize what makes a book and what does not).

concentrate on stuff that matters.

Ziad D. said...

I believe that the more you practice something the better you will get at it. Please keep writing and you will improve! :) I honestly enjoyed reading your posts, and have been reading your blog posts for quite a while. I will admit that I was eager in anticipation for each chapter to be posted.
There are some writing courses that you can take if you choose to pursue this, and I hope you do.
I want an autographed copy of your debut book upon it's release. :)
I wish you luck and I hope you acheive your goals!

Bo3Bo3 said...

happy eid to you too and God bless ur family always amen

Thsnks for the encouregment, I appreciate ur words

Honest hater
LOOOOL thanks for an honest reply, even if it was harsh. I found writing, with all the spelling and grammatical errors, a way to release some of the pressure, even if it doesn't make sense to some, but it helps me, and this is all about me getting something off the chest.