Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cell phone abuse

I'l try and keep calm during my attempt to express my frustration with sell phones. ...errrr...naa, it won't work.

Yesterday, I caught a flight from cincinnatti airport to memphis, TN. Everything was fine. The flight was delayed about 30 minutes, but thats normal. There were about 40 passengers in this small 50 passenger communter jet. As wel all know, cell phone usage is not allowed during take off, and during the flight. However, this usage is allowed after landing. It takes about 10 minutes to taxi and get to the gate. Now, as soon as the anouncment of allowing passengers to use cell phones, some people got their cell phones out and started to check messages. Again, thats normal and I do that as well. Yet, there were some people that started dialing and talking to people on cell phones. Now, why couldn't these people just wait 10 minutes...just damn 10 minutes. The dude next to me called his wife (supposedly) and started a stupid unneeded conversation with here. "Hi honey, I just landed. How are the kids. Ok I love you. I'll talk to you when I get to the hotel". errrrr.....I would bet money that the same dude called his wife again from the car rental shuttle to do the same. Many people started tasteless conversations during that 10 minutes. Some retard few seats back was talking so loud using his silly looking bluetooth as if he was in his office. He was a dude going through divorce and was discussing some stuff with his attorny. As if we needed to hear such conversation. I hope his wife end up taking all his money, and not just half. fellow human beings..if you can hear me. Stop this cell phone abuse. I remember 10 years back, cell phone usage was at minimal because of the cost. Now, those damn companies come up with the 2000 minutes plans that is so annoying. And what you end up with is a person trying to use his/her 2000 minutes before the end of the month. "well, I paid for those minutes". errrrr.

I have encountered so many ignorants using cell phones while in the bathroom. Damn this blue tooth hand's free technology. I don't want to hear your private conversations. Unless you are discussing some information on stock investing, and unless you are furbishing information that could make me rich..shut up please.

oooooh..don't even get me started on text messeging in the airports. This is why I try and minimize my travel during spring breaks. Although that teenagers speaking over the phone is so annoying that it makes me puke, yet, text messeging is even worse. I hate my life.

a very annoyed and frustrated traveler.

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