Friday, June 15, 2007

I miss her so much

I need her..want her..want to feel her on my lips, and feel it's warmness burning my desires. I want to kiss her so bad..but I can't. If I give in..I'll lose the respect of my wife. She won't be happy if I ever go back to her.

It's my cigarette....Tuesday, June/12/2007 at 6:20 pm, and as I was driving to hooters in cincinatti, I smoked my last cigarette. I decided to quit that specific day, cold turkey.

4 days later, I feel like shit, tired, and body so weak and numb. I never experienced the pain of addiction..but now I do. I never imagined being a slave to something so little, and now I do. I have never imagined how weak I am, but now I do.

Stop bo3bo3, think, take a deep breath (now that u can without pain in lungs)..and stand by ur word. It's today or never again. You lose the fight today, and u ain't standing up again.

Stop bo3bo3, think, and take a look at ur loved ones and what it will mean to them, if u kick the habit. I'll make it easy on u buddy...
Family? or a cheap pack of cigarette?
see, it's not so tough after all.

Stop, and don;t look back. Many people are living smoke-free...and so u could.


salam said...

great news!!'s worth the pain, your life and your family deserve it.keep us posted on your progress with the battle.

Bo3Bo3 said...

Day five:

5 days almost..still holding on. it's getting a little better now..much better actually. my withdrawal is getting less and for shorter time. In day one, I would feel my body weak, arms numb, and tired for about 10 minutes, then it goes away. Today, I'm getting less withdrawal, and lasting for 5 minutes that not as bad as the previous ones.

Sam said...

wow good for u! i wish hubby would do that same...but with home smoking hubby is a those few days it takes hid body to adjust we would have killed each other...this is why i'd rather fly alone with my 2 kids than have hubby with us on the plane without smoking for few hours ..

Bo3Bo3 said...


Sam would help if he is way when doing so. I started tuesday during a business trip. came home yesterday, still touchy, but leaving again on monday for a week. This is great, for my wife, cause I'm touchy and on edge.

Summer said...

Mabrouk!!! You can do it!!
I am so happy for you that you took this life saving decision. on the long run you will be much healthier and happier...imagine a sweet smelling breath without the bad smell of cigarettes!!! Keep it up.

Celal Birader said...

Hang in there Bobo!

It's worth it in the end.

Look, if it gets really bad get some help from nicotine chewing gum.

Where i live they're called 'Nicorette'.

All the best, habibi

Bo3Bo3 said...

Day six

Monday, 6/18/07. I woke up early to catch a flight to Manchester, NH. So, did manage to finish my morning coffee without cigarette. After the normal rituals of "bye honey, wish me good luck, yada yada" I got into my car, and drove to the airport. Still no smoking. My flight got delayed for 3 hours as they were fixing one of the engines. During the 3 hours, I wished to have a cigarette. I needed one so bad. But, smoking is not allowed in the airport anyway. 2 hours ago, i landed in detroit, and as I'm writing u these words, I am dying for a cigarette. yet, I know I ain;t going back to smoking. Maybe I'm just feeling the need for one right now is because I used to smoke to relief stress. My next flight is leaving in about an houre. I am sure I ain;t smoking again. But it ain;t easy really ain't.

I feel great, lungs doing great. i can chanse abo elzooz on his bike without feeling short breath.

Today, as I checked my business emails few minutes ago, I saw a note about a plant manager who had a massive heart attack over the weekend. He was a smoker, 2 packs a day, and his heart just couldn't take it. he was 45 years old.

I wish all my loved ones and friends quit before tomorrow. We can support each others, before it's too late. Wish me luck, as I wish all the best of luck.

NaNilo said...

hahahaha what a great time to decide to quit smoking bo3bo3, on your way to hooters hahahaha, you want to convince me ino you didnt want a cig after leaving that place???

AlreadyStoppedSmoking said...

I know how to stop smoking!
I've done it already!!!
I'm not a smoker now!!!
You can do it too!!!

Murray Janet said...

Heart attacks are less likely for non-smokers as compared to the smokers. According to WHO, individuals who quit smoking decrease their risk of CAD one year later by 50 %. If you have quit smoking, for 15 years, your risk of dying from CAD is almost as low as a life time non-smoker.