Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I miss her already

My parents stayed with me over six months. They had just left to jordan last week on thursday. I was planning for mega activities the minute they depart back to jordan. A vacation trip and some good old catching up to do with my wife and son.

However, I found out a week ago that I need to attend a conference in cinsinnati the week after they depart. So I'm stuck away from her. I also found out that I have to travel to Boston next week (for the week) and to tenessee the week after. Thats three weeks away from her, except for weekends. The months of july through december don't look better. I have to stay 2 weeks every month in both, cincinnati and tenessee. Thats not counting the urgent travling, and it usually happens.

I love my job...it's creating an opportunity that I just can't say no to. Financial security to her and my family. Great career advancements. But I'm missing a touch in my life. I wanna walk outside to the park with her. I wanna go out and dine out as we used to do in the past. I wanna go shopping with her. But can't do it often.

So instead, I plan for my numbered days with her monthly to do something. Have fun just like any other couple out there. I wanna run in the house butt naked again. well..ok..maybe that was way too extreme, but u do get the picture. I wanna feel, act, behave, and live as a married man. I can't. I know that my parents will be back soon. Could be 2 months..or 5..who knows, but they r coming back.

I wanna be wild again..and live wild. But instead, I'm constantly flying/driving and it's having a toll on my personal life. I sometimes feel that I'm not married at all. The next three weeks will be harsh on the both of us. Maybe i should take her with me next time.


Hamzeh N. said...

That's tough man. It's very common for married couples to travel together when one of them has to go on a business trip. Take her with you on one of those coming trips. Tell her you're rewarding her for her patience with your parents and with your work.

I also think you should mention this when your next review period comes up. I hope it gets counted into a bonus.

All the best, and ya36eek el 3afyeh.

salam said...

her, her, her..I thought this was going to be one of your cigarette posts!!LOL..hopefully you and your wife will get to settle down and have more time together soon!

Bo3Bo3 said...

I hope dude. The problem is that this seems to be the expectations from the job. I will, inshalla, take her when I go to manchester next week. Lets change the routine a little, maybe it helps.

bent 7alal wallah. I've been thinking pretty hard regarding quitting. It's bugging me a lot. Before it's too late.

Sam said...

you should take her with you on some of your trips..when i was not working, I would tag along with hubby on his business trips that were longer than 3-5 days..it was fun for me to stay at go out shopping and walking with my son..and when hubby got "home" in the evening we did normal couples things..i really miss those days when my husband travelled alot, we got to visit few places in the US...:)one we stayed in the middle of nowhere on the mountains in colorado for 5wks...that was fun!
so take her with u few times..it will be fun for both of you..and u will not miss each other that much:)

Batoul said...

Everyone here feels bad for you and I do too, its tough, but may I point out what an awsome wife you have. Shes takes your extra flirting, she welcomes your parents, she doesnt give you headache for the way your job is... simply amazing, an avg. woman nags more than that lol.God bless yous.

Summer said...

yes yes...take with you! this is what i do when my husband travels, i go along almost all the time! good luck!