Thursday, December 21, 2006

Poetry moment

Just want to post some poems I wrote over the past weeks for a change. I have developed this love toward gothic poetry and started to try and express some poems. In the same time, I also wrote love poems which reflects an opposite picture of what you will see here. Here are few examples of gothic poems I wrote some time ago and recently.

How dare you

How dare you judge me
But your own actions, you can’t see
Driven by my faults and mistakes
And one look at yourself is all what it takes

You cast all these stones upon me
These sins I have commited are not all I see
You try to deny your past and present
You pretend it didn’t happen, but it is so evident

Accusations and harsh words burn like the sun
And deep inside you know what you have done
For once, open your eyes and shut your mouth
Your actions is what this is about, stop your wrath

Different from mine they may well be
But they are similar do you see
Your labeling me harshly with disgrace
And your own actions you can’t face

How dare you judge me
And pretend to be someone you can’t be
Seek inside your soul and you shall see
That you are just another copy of me

AAA 12/20/06

I hate you

I hate you..and everything about you
this poem is for you

All you ever did is making me cry
Hating what I have done…
that’s no lie

Wishing to slaughter my emotions
Drowning them like a sinking ship….
in the oceans

Watching them diminish slowly
to the unknown
Your death….I shall never postpone

I despise you, and everything about you
these words are for you

I am not your toy, nor was created for your joy
My feelings were never made for you ……
to destroy

I know…I really know what you’re doing
I see…I see what, in your heart,
…You are brewing

A fool, to hurt, torture, and to use as a clown
But today, I see, I hear, and I’ll never again….

AAA 9/6/06


I'm trapped here in a life I can't understand
forced to live the so called way while hands are bind

nothing I think of or do can ever be right
from the eyes of those who believe God is their sight

I'm here to live happy not to fulfill someone else's need
so why must I endure all this pain, agony and greed

I'm ripped apart with every stereotype and neglect
just because I don't fit in to what they think is correct

but I shall end this torture and not be attacked
for I am me and nothing shall make this heart cracked

So I'll break their chains and take their weapon
they can't control me and trap me into this prison

AAA 8/7/06

Lonley Illusions

So many intersections I have passed
So many bridges to cross, gotta hold fast
I am lost and can't seem to find my way
As I run passed the forest, in dismay

Loneliness lives inside me, and more
I can see it, feel it, the agony , a burning sore
So many miles to walk…. where do I begin
To express my hopes and my dreams within

I am lost, don't have a clear destination
I need to regain strength, and find salvation
Thoughts, constantly spinning in my head
Trying to determine what’s really, for me, ahead

It is cold and wet, yet again, today
The rain is falling, the sun is far away
Thinking deeply, of life ….and be deaf,
Insignificant to anyone …..except myself.

Loneliness is not a curse nor is it a regret,
It is a time of seclusion, when I forget
Not meant to be shared, nor even understood
My only salvation, from realty, if I just could

So yes, I’m truly stuck, in within
Where could I start, or just begin
But myself I promised, never to write again
About loneliness, for it too much of a pain

Tomorrow, a new page, new sight
Of love, pleasure, and no longer fight
With white doves flying, and trees so tall
I no longer, to loneliness, shall ever fall

AAA 6/24/06

I am who I am

I am who I am, greatness in me
I've become an exaggerated part …
of my individuality
Trying to think weird thoughts
and getting mad at my simplicity

I've become a joke to me
Lost my real self,
For me
And for someone else

Now it all coming back.. you see
So farewell to you..and me
Farewell to what once the center…
Of insanity
Setting the sail, and looking back
Trying to once again, let go my mentality

I walked through the shadows of insanity
Slipping slowly by those never before seen me
Declared the ghost....master of abnormality
Smiling constantly at those who lynched me

Optimistic, but realistic while hope is still in me
my pains don't run that deep, no more
Just an ecstasy
For I see the way, back to my realty
As I waive my hand to you, and to me

You haven't really got any clue about me
What it all means to you, is not the same
To me
Slip sliding away, turning my back on me
Slip sliding away, the long waited journey

AAA 6/7/06

Unholly Warrior (a bet disturbing, read with caution)

My soul is the blood of life, as I fall
I sleep in blood that I keep thinking of
My hunger and desires, for no one at all
Death is hell and i do not desire love.

If love is to be desired, than what I wish for?
If not, than when, might I ask, do I wish for hope?
As I hold the sword of death, I seek you no more
Eternal happiness, through darkness, I shall cope

I cannot speak nor do I really dare
to express truely how I sincerely feel
For those that take of my words I can't spare
Those that I have loved, I can no more conceal

There maybe no importance in my words
I will not desire anything that will expire
And allow me to send the flying birds
I cannot trespass on that unholly fire.

My heart stained by love from the past
That keeps reminding me of the darkened soul
Though I tried to extinguish the fire fast
But the flames kept growing higher as I fall

To you I seek an everlasting peace
A blow, or anything that would ease
This torture inside me, that won't decease
Damn you I am calling on you......please

I can see the end, the moment of time
When I hold on this sharp knife of mine
And as I look at it's beauty, such a shrine
And hold it high above, seeking my own devine

As it enters the heart, I feel the dying fire
The peace at last, for this freaky soul
Twisting and tearing apart and lefting me higher
From this doomed body once and for all

Oh sweet one I need you now as before
Free me from this miserabe desire
Revive me....I seek me no more
I feel this heart is getting dryer and dryer

As I depart ...finally from this body of the weak
I look down on what was nothing but a freak
Blood is flowing and from me it'll never again leak
As I haunt all those, who of me made this freak

Shine and rise oh great soldier of death
Fasten your sharp knife and after who have sailed
To flow the rivers of blood..with your mighty breath
Now it's my turn to seek, those me have failed

With one blow, your head is to fly
And your flesh I shall eat, don't ask why
As I cut through your veins and hear you cry
Questioning my action, how dare you, just die

Feed me off those who set my own fire
And watched me agonize and me, neglect
Today I revenge, with your skull lefted higher
on my spear..a warrior who came back to collect

AAA 6/4/06

Dark Tears

I feel fatigued, tired and in so much despair
My heart beats miserably, wrecked beyond repair
I wish I could go to sleep, and never ever awake,
But I've always known; life is never ours to take.

If it was all up to me, I'd want to die while a sleep,
There's no one to stop me and the cut is already too deep
I could slit my throat, and no-one would even care,
But I know deep inside of me that I wouldn't dare

Sitting up all night, alone in my room
Shaky and weeping, imagining doom
Nothing here to distract my mind, my fears.
There's no-one around, to even dry my tears.

So as I held the blade, feeling my veins
A cry from within, screaming, please refrain
I looked around and no one do I see
Yet, somehow, my soul decided to once again, be.

AAA 12/5/05


Anonymous said...

Ur poems are so beautifull ;))

sciolist said...

But don't you think even gothic poems can be about love my friend?