Tuesday, May 19, 2009

two weeks in Heaven, Day three

Day 3, Tuesday
I was a little tired from last night. Maybe the fact that I was awake for over 36 hours during my flight and to the time I slept played a hand in this exhaustion. I managed to wake up at 11 am on the sound of my little nephew who was slapping my face as I was asleep. Of course, my brother got to hear about that. Looking at this boy’s face brings so much joy. He is only 10 months old but is very active. I was angry at myself because I missed the joy of buying hommus and falafel in the morning. Oh well, today I shouldn’t eat much since my brother is preparing barbeque. He only makes 600 JD a month, and I hated to cause him any money. But we all know how Jordanians insist on what they call “wajeb”.
We went to “yajooz” area to slaughter a lamb. Aaah…the joy of seeing live sheep running around. That one on the far side looks good. I can see his leyyeh hanging, and my brother loves barbeques leyyeh. If you ask me, that’s not my thing. So we slaughtered the lamb and had the guy cut it for us. A little for the koftah and a little for the kabab. Even the bones didn’t go to waste. They would look good under grape leaves and zucchini. So we went home. The women started to prepare the meat. My sister and her husband arrived at 4 PM. There comes the three little angels. My other brother arrived at 5 pm and we loaded the cars. They were debating as where to go. Some suggested some park in Yajooz’s road. Some suggested the house since my father prepared a barbeque stand next to a nice looking water fountain. They asked me, and I wasn’t sure what to answer. I really wanted to be in a place that over looks amman. I missed my moments of isolations on the hills of tabarboor. So we head out to this park on Yajooz’s road. I can’t remember the name. It was on a steep climb.
We started hashing and nashing. My sister had prepared the music. Dabkah music. We started singing and dancing. I got tired quickly and wanted that few moments alone. I wanna speak to the desert. Sure I’m crazy, but it’s joyfull craziness. So I went to the highest point in that park and looked south west. Amman is beautiful. Especially around sunset. Mountains full of houses. Houses full of people. I wish I was one of those people. Then I heard the song “ma7la eldaar” for al3abdallat from my sister’s radio. I laid back, leaned my head against a tree and started enjoying this moment. I felt that the land was singing joyfull of my coming home. I told you I’m crazy…but happy. Then I heard people talking. I looked to my right and found two young girls talking. Maybe sisters. Ok bo3bo3, easy now. Mrs bo3bo3 won’t be happy.
Oh…Mrs bo3bo3. I almost forgot about her. I called her to let her know how happy I was. For a moment, she started talking about how tough it’s without me there. My mind wasn’t with her..nor with the two women. The desert and the mountains are taking me from her. So I comforted her over the phone. Come on honey, it’s only been 3 days. The call from my father to come and fiest struck my ears, so I told her I’ll call her back. I ran quickly to the food. I haven’t had breakfast and I was hungry. The food tasted so beautiful.
Ala called me to confirm our meeting. I then called a Hector and he didn’t recognize me. I also thought it was a wring number. The meeting was set for Wednesday, tomorrow. Good. It was then time for us to go home. I wished I could stay, not because of those two cute girls, but because I was enjoying something I was always fanaticizing about…loneliness on the hills of amman. I had to go with the family in the end. So we drove home.
We got home, and I decided to go with my brother to get pastries. He suggested Arafat, habiba, zalateemo, and alsahl al2akhdar. I didn’t care. I was in the mood for hareeseh. So we went to alsahl el2akhdar for some hareeseh. I ended up getting hareeseh, knafeh, and something called “been nareen”. I think I gained 5 lb already in the first three days.
My uncle finally showed up at about 10 pm. He wanted to play cards..so I teamed up with my mom, against him and my father. We won the first round, but lost the two next ones. Oh my…it’s almost 3 am now. I think I should get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

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