Sunday, March 01, 2009

A tale of tapes

Last night, my wife and I decided to watch our wedding I got the VHS, and started converting to DVD. The process took about 2 hours as I bought the cheap convertor that takes too long. We then started watching the wedding tape. Back then (thats seven years for those who are keeping score), the tape starts with a big picture of my wife with some songs and yada yada. Our son, zaid, was also watching. He said "mom, is that you?" and she answered yes. he said "you looked like a clown, too much paint". So I laughed my liver out of my nose and she was mad telling abu elzooz that it's normal. It seems that the wife had too much makeup then. At any rate, thats not the intention of this post, but felt like throwing a cheap shot at my wife.
There she is, so beautifull walking toward the chair (or whatever ya'al call it) and there is me..heeey..I wasn't bald back then..and still as ugly as I could be. I am holding her hand, and we both sat together. I can't remember what we were giggling about, but both seemed very happy. She was (and still is) shy, and I was as bad as I could. Here comes her sisters talking to her...ok...enough?..please leave the little stage...ooh I wished I could push them off as they hang out there for too long.
Oh there come three beautifull girls..dancing with joy..coming to help their brother and stand next to him. I can see them pulling me off to dance with them. I do look like I'm performing de77eyyeh in the middle of the three. My cousins join and so did my brothers. I could see two of my uncles going outside the hall..and I know what they are doing. I could see them taking their guns out.
As we are watching the tape, i kinda felt some tears..but instead of flowing out, they were floing inside of me as I watched my sisters. I really need a dose of going home for few days. I need that shot of morphin to relief the pressure that is growing inside of me. I know the cycle will happen again, but my pressure gauge is running out of room.
Oh well...there are things that the more painfull they become, the sweeter they also become.

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