Friday, March 16, 2007

It's been a month

It's been a month since I posted anything. I'm really busy these days, and work is taking a toll on me. The responsibilities are growing and so are the expectations. My parents are visiting me these days. Allthough I love them so much, but I feel sad for I'm not able to take them around the states. I'm traveling like crazy these days..and I seem to spend more nights in hotels than my own home. I have lost good amount of weight in the past 2 months....and seem to smoke more these days.

For all my beloved anti-smoke nazi's, I promise that I'll quit very soon...maybe days. I guess this post is for those who are close to me and all those who care. Consider it a quick update on how is my life going on. Searching for a car, but it has to be uglier than my wife's car...or else..I'm in trouble.

My email is for all those who want to stay in touch. I can't promise when is my next post will be...but I sure miss blogging.

Note: my wife is a walking angle...I trully believe so, and I'll tell you why next time. God bless


1 comment:

Summer said...

Missed reading from you!
good to read some update and i do hope to read more from you soon. take care and take it easy!!