Sunday, November 26, 2006 arab american engineers organization


Last night, as I was sitting down sipping my weekend night coffee, I got a call. It was from an engineer whom I knew some time ago. He is an arab civil engineer in southern USA. After a short chat, he described to me this organization for arab engineers in the USA. It’s called arab American association of engineers and architects. It’s head quarters are in Chicago. I got excited about the idea and told him to have them call me, for I’m very interested.

This morning, I got a call from a local computer science newly graduate arab engineer. She is local here, and works for a big firm. We chatted and I liked the idea so much. This coming Saturday, they are having a meeting in Indianapolis to initiate a local chapter.

To be honest with you, I was always looking to be active in my technical field, but with an ethnic touch. I always search for arabs, in every conference I go to, because I’d like to be always in contact with my likes. Well, I mean on the technical arena, not the weird bo3bo3 behavior. So yes, I’m excited for this.

For those who are interested check them out:

I’m looking forward to it.


Iman said...

hmm, didn't I tell you about this organization a while ago?! It's very active in Chicago actually...2 Friday's ago was their 10th anniversay dinner...I was supposed to go, but thanks to my brother and his wife (who were supposed to have gotten me a ticket) I didn't!

Bo3Bo3 said...

Oh Iman...I'm seriously excited. sounds very nice people, and would love to interact with such group. Indianapolis is having their initiation meating this saturday..and can't wait.

You may have told me earlier...umm..but u know me..memory cells are dying by large numbers daily due to smoking. :)

Anonymous said...


rawan said...

Bo3Bo3...thank you very much for this useful information! now I got my enthusiasm back, after coming here to the states, I got stuck with so many restriction to get licensed as an architect. so I almost abandoned all my career life here, I hope I find my salvation in this new league now ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello guys

it is really a good association. I welcome all of you who can join our meeting at Indianapolis this Saturday Dec. 2nd. For more information visit and look under announcements. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Arab Girl Admin said...

This is cool,
Arab Girl Admin

Anonymous said...

This is the Chairman of the AAAEA. Thank you for your interest. I would be happy to discuss the engineers organization. You can email me at:

Abder Rahman