Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meaningless Illusions

There are things that we are told about..and go through life to lern that they may mean something different than what we were told. I guess life is a long session class that full of tests and reading..or should i say learning material.

Hope.....hope is something that we were told is a strive to be someone..or somewhere. To alwyas keep that small window in ur secluded isolated space, open, and even if it was small, still should be enough to show u the light that u r eager to see, to drive ur soul to pursue life. Or is it a fake principle that we use it as a drug to numb our feelings...or reactions, and deceive them into believing that a person can go through a small 20 by 20 cm. something that we should value so much. Live it, and enjoy it to the best as we can while maintaining some kind of connection with God. To make sure that we lead this life into making good and obstaining from evil. Or is it something that doesn't belong to us, and at any moment in time, the almighty would take it from us so easily. a glimps of where we wanna be or how we wanna look. To always prepare for it, and work to make it a bright one, not a gloomy future. To always strive for strengethening it with materialistic objects and things. Or is it a closed door that no one knows whats gonna come out, once the door is opened.I.....I am me, the way i wanna be, and the way i want others to view me. I look for me, to strengthening me, and to take care of me. Having the greatest job, and the greatest materialitiics goods. I look for me to be the one and only entity that is on top of the world. I wanna be good, noo i mean the best and want people to respect me. Or is it I am how others view me, regardless of how i view me.

Happiness.....we're told that the golden prize, the goal, actually, the mother of all goals. No life is complete without it. It comes from people. You make them happy, and in exchange, they make ur goal of happiness so easily reachable. Or is ilusion that we'll never reach as we always strive for a happier state. On ocasions, we see it so far away, and we keep chasing it, and when we come so close, we discover that it is nothing but a mirag.

Darkness...They told us is a domain that is full of evil and wicked life. Vampires and satanic worshippers. One should always stay in the light to be able to see the clear road, into salvation. Darkness is a cover that would hide whats behind it. Or is it a world that is so beautifull where everything is the same and everyone is alike.

lonliness....It's the soul killer. It drives a person to a depression mode, where he/she is prevented from expressing love, hate, appreciation, to another soul. It opens up the gates of wicked desires, where the person is in great need for someone to talk to, or someone to listen to. Or is it a state when we finally are alone, investigating own, and trying to figure out own.

sadness....Is the feeling of despair and misery. When you live an agonizing moment for a smile is what u wish for. If it was allowed in your life, it will bring about all pain and suffering that are the needed fuel for the rivers of tears to flow. Or is it a way to appreciate happiness and makes you strive and look for that happy moment in your life.

Love...........just a chemical reaction that goes in your body. It is a result of a happy moment with that someone that you would wish to die, if he/she doesn't exist in ur life. That someone that u wait so eagerly by the phone awaiting to hear his/her voice, in a time that you are in most need for such a call. It's the candle that lights the road to your future of building a family, and living that life of yours with that sweet someone. It's when you suddenly lose any desire to eat, sleep, or feeling good, if that someone is away from you, or...simply not available. Or is it the curse that hits you on a very young age and makes live a darkened life for you never knew that your first love will never last. Leaving you with .....a life that u wish it ends somehow.

Hate.....Is the greatest sin of all. It brings misery to your life, and darkens your heart for you wish to avenge that lover who left you, or that killer who distroyed your life. It creeps on you slowely, and never departs your heart. Or is it your true reaction toward someone or an incident, and should be looked at as pure as love itself.

Memories......bad bad bad...unless they are wonderfull memories that keeps reminding you with sweet ocasions and lovely incidents. It is needed to build up your personality, and makes who you are today. They are part of your life, even if gone in the past, still, they are what may bring smile on ur face while sitting down sipping coffee remembering a dad that departed to the other life, or a child's smile that caught your attention, or a beautifull face that brought some good feelings to your soul. Or is it the knife that keeps stabbing your heart for you are not able to let go of past incidents.

Life is a beautifull class..only if we manage to study good for such great science.


Summer said...

very deep thoughts...hope your life is as happy as can be. i wish you all the good things in life, the ones you listed and the ones you did not list..i am sure you are an A student in the school of life. take care

Nightngales said...

That is a really nice post, kinda shows you the two faces of a coin, hehe

Anyway, life along with it's contents and what it holds for each one is a mystery to anyone who walks this life. It is meant to be a present that is yet to be uncovered. Many might argue that it's already been planned for us, but seeing as though we have no idea what is waiting for us, we have to work our away to removing the veil. It all boils down to this, whether we have been able to make our presence in this world a good stay or not, where we able to correct some wrongs or contribute to them and finally whether we were able to use all of our skills and knowledge towards a good cause.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

were we able to*

Bo3Bo3 said...

thanks. i think i fluncked few times :).

lovely words. thanks :)